September 25, 2023 The Breyer Aphrodite 2014 Model

The Breyer Aphrodite 2014 Model

The Breyer Aphrodite 2014 model is part of the Breyer “Goddesses” series. This series features horse models that are inspired by various mythological goddesses from different cultures. Aphrodite, in Greek mythology, is the goddess of love, beauty, and pleasure, and her symbol often includes the seashell.

The Breyer Aphrodite 2014 model is a collectible horse figurine designed to embody the essence and characteristics of the goddess Aphrodite. These models often feature intricate details and unique paintwork to capture the theme of the goddess they represent.

Each model in the “Goddesses” series typically comes with a backstory or information about the mythological figure it represents. Collectors often appreciate these models not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for the educational and mythological aspects they bring.

Keep in mind that Breyer models are popular among collectors, and specific models, especially those from limited editions or older releases, can become valuable over time. If you have one of these models, you may want to research its current market value and consider whether you want to keep it as part of your collection or potentially sell it to a collector who is interested in this particular series.

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