About – Breyer Horses

My Breyer Heart is an exciting platform on which you can buy, sell and trade Breyer Horses models.  Specifically, we offer 4 unique options.  Our Breyer STORE is where you can purchase the personal Breyer collection of our founder, Stacey Roi, who has been collecting for more than 48 years and owns over 2,000 Breyer Models!  You can surely find something of interest here. Don’t miss out on joining our 1st of its kind Affiliate program so you can earn money to support your model horse habit, buy your Holy Grail or use it for your real horses.

The Breyer Auction site is filled with fast moving bidding wars that put more money in your pocket with fees lower than those other sites we all know.  If the noisy bidding arena doesn’t suit your fancy then mosey on over to the Classified area where you can quietly browse the listings at your own pace.  Lastly, if you have two of the same model or didn’t get the horse you were hoping for and you want to swap or trade your model for another, ride on over to the Trading Post where you can do just that. You can create your very own account and become your own horse trader today!  We charge only a small fee of 5% per sale, saving you 5% or more over other sites like eBay and Amazon.  Don’t forget to check out our Blog for some interesting and cool horse information.  Happy trails!  Join our club to keep up on all the news and events below.