We designed an Affiliate Program so YOU can Earn Extra cash

Breyer Horse Store

Holy Grail for FREE

Houston, we have a problem… Why have so many model horse collectors not purchased their Holy Grail?

There are multiple reasons for this, such as, the model may be so rare there just isn’t one listed on the market or perhaps the condition of the one you did find wasn’t quite right. However, the biggest reason is usually cost.

Holy Grail models tend to be expensive, thus lack of money keeps us from acquiring the models we truly desire. Hopefully, we have solved or at least aided this issue at the Breyer Horse Store.

We have designed an Affiliate Program where every collector having an interest in Model Horses can now earn extra cash! You read that right! We are letting you in on the sales in our store.

Simply Register here as an Affiliate, copy your unique URL link and start sharing with your collector friends, groups, in social media posts, videos, news feeds, emails and in private chats. When someone comes through your link to the store and makes a purchase, it will automatically generate a 7% commission to you. Now, that is exciting!

We have models selling from $5 to $8000. For example, if someone comes through your shared link and purchases $500 in the store, a $35 commission will be generated for you. Obviously, the more you share your Affiliate link, the more chances you will have to earn more money.

What are you waiting for? Get registered now with the Breyer Horse Store Affiliate Program and start earning today. It just might help you buy your Holy Grail and fund your model horse business/hobby. Isn’t that a breath of fresh model horse air?

Breyer Horse Store Affiliate Program User Dashboard

You will have your very own Affiliate Dashboard where you can see the number of visits, visitor’s links and your commissions.

You can also generate your own custom link, as shown here in this example, which is great for maintaining your business brand.

You will be able to use your earnings in any way you like. You are in control of your money. Buy something in the store or cash out and use the money for bills, your real horses, gas, or what ever you need.