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Breyer Clydesdale Stallion w/handmade driver and cart OOAK

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Breyer Clydesdale Stallion w/handmade driver and cart OOAK.

So, there is an amazing story behind this one!  This is the Highland Clydesdale with blue and white bobs and blue tail ribbon.  The harness is completely handmade as is the cart and the cowboy driver is whittled from wood.  He is model #868 from Breyer and was produced from 1992-1995.

Now, for the story.  I bought a collection of Breyer horses from an man who called me out of the blue and asked if I would be interested in taking a look at his deceased grandfather’s Breyer horse collection.  I told him I would be honored.  He said his grandmother also shared in the collection and she was now in a nursing home.  His grandfather created scenes from his personal farm and the local parades that took place in his town out in Illinois.

This man created beautiful replicas of many different types of farm equipment and wagons and even some Indians and individual riders.  He whittled from wood all of the drivers and hand painted them and even sewed the clothing on them. He definitely took pride in his craft and Breyer collection.  I was fortunate to receive a picture album of the real horses depicting each replica he made.  I have detailed records of the horses that were kept on his farm and I have pictures of them in the fields working and pulling the wagons he recreated in smaller scale.

I have thought about creating a museum just to showcase this collection, but I need to sell a few pieces to fellow collectors who I know will appreciate the story behind them and give them a loving home.

This model was shelf displayed and is in excellent condition.  I hope you will provide a loving home for him and that he will give you great pleasure every time you look at him on your shelf.  This one is a special piece for your collection.

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