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Breyer Clydesdale Stallion Team Pulling Hay Wagon!

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Breyer Clydesdale Stallion Team Pulling Hay Wagon!  This smart looking team definitely captures the work it takes to gather up hay in the fields.  Pulling a flat bed hay wagon, this handsomely harnessed pair of Clydesdale stallions do their part as their driver does his and attends to the hay.  These are Breyer model #80 released from 1963-1971.  Vintage.

The man who created this masterpiece was a true Breyer collector and he used many of the models to recreate scenes from his personal farm in the Midwest.  He spent countless hours whittling away to produce each of his pieces and I was fortunate enough to have the chance to purchase them when he passed away.  This is a definite OOAK.

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