Uffington Breyerfest 2021 Special Run Akhal-Teke

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Uffington Breyerfest 2021 Special Run Akhal-Teke

Creamy pearlescent goodness adorns this shiny Akhal-Teke, named Uffington!  He was a BF21 Special Run.  Only 1800 were produced.  He is model #711401 and done on the Akhal-Teke mold.  NIP

From smoke and pet free home.

The Uffington White Horse, arguably England’s most renowned equine figure, stretches over 350 feet in length and boasts an impressive age of approximately 3,000 years. Nestled in Oxfordshire, England, this iconic symbol was crafted through the excavation of extensive trenches, some reaching depths of up to 3 and a half feet, which were subsequently filled with crushed white limestone chalk. The purpose behind its creation remains a mystery, yet its sheer magnitude captivates all who behold it.


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