Peter and Elaine Stone Wedding Horse – Something Blue – Signed!

Original price was: $10,000.00.Current price is: $8,000.00.

Only 27 models were produced for the wedding guests making it one of rarest vintage Stone horse model.

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Peter and Elaine Stone Wedding Horse – Something Blue – Signed!.  This is Elaine and Peter Stone’s Wedding Horse, RARE, 2000, NIB. This is a very special model named “Something Blue” in honor of Elaine and Peter Stone’s wedding day.  He is featured on the ISH Ideal Quarter Horse mold and is a gorgeous pearlescent blue with a white mane and tail.  I literally cannot find any information about him online, but in his box is a wedding invitation that gives all the details about this special gift.

This vintage Stone Horse model is one of the most rare and significant Stone horse models. Only 27 were made and given out as gifts to the guests at the wedding.  Definitely a distinguished piece to add to your exclusive herd.  Comes new in original box and is in excellent condition.  This horse is signed on his belly in black ink, “Peter & Elaine Stone May 27, 2000.”


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