Sold out!

Breyer’s Complete Zodiac Collection! All Twelve Models!


Sold out!


Here’s a RARE find for sure!  This is a complete collection of all 12 zodiac signs on the classic size models.  These have never been opened and are still in the original box that came from Breyer!    Released in 2015. All are NIB.

List of contents:

Capricorn   Model #8174       Show Stock Horse Mold  

Aquarius    Model # 8175       Morgan Stallion Mold   

Pisces          Model # 8176      Rearing Stallion Mold    

Aries            Model # 8165      Bucking Bronco Mold   

Taurus         Model # 8166      Warmblood Stallion Mold      

Gemini        Model # 8167       Show Arabian Mold

Cancer         Model # 8168      Black Beauty Mold

Leo               Model # 8169      American Quarter Horse Stallion Mold

Virgo            Model # 8170      Ginger Mold           

Libra            Model # 8171       Duchess Mold         

Scorpio        Model # 8172      Morgan Mare Mold

Sagittarius  Model # 8173      Lippizan Stallion Mold    Released 2015


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