January 8, 2022 7 Arts Surprise

7 Arts Surprise

7 ARTS SURPRISE. The Seven Arts refers to the traditional subdivision of the Arts – Architecture, Sculpture, Painting, Literature, Music, Performing Arts, and Film.  This year’s BreyerFest was all about coming together as a community and being inspired, whether that be by the natural world, works of art, or each other, and bringing that inspiration to life!

We have one available in store 7 Arts Surprise In Matte Sabino Color

Like them in this order: matte rainbow appaloosa, glossy rainbow appaloosa, glossy palomino pintaloosa, matte sable champagne minimal splash pinto, glossy sable champagne minimal splash pinto, glossy flaxen liver chestnut roan, matte palomino pintaloosa, glossy bay maximum sabino pinto, matte bay maximum sabino pinto, matte flaxen liver chestnut roan

wonderful job! hope that you could use the encore and tor molds for decorators

  • Rainbow Leopard Appaloosa with Blue Interference – 700 Matte, 325 Glossy
  • Flaxen Liver Chestnut Roan – 900 Matte, 325 Glossy
  • Palomino Pintaloosa – 975 Matte, 325 Glossy
  • Sable Champagne Minimal Splash Pinto – 800 Matte, 325 Glossy
  • Bay Maximum Sabino – 1000 Matte, 325 Glossy

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